How to Write a Synthesis Essay?

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In straightforward terms, a synthesis essay involves using two or more sources to discuss a topic in a concise manner. It’s comparable to a compare and contrast essay, where the similarities and differences between two subjects are examined. However, a synthesis essay has a distinct objective – to establish and justify a stance by utilizing legitimate sources and effectively interpreting and incorporating them. The ultimate goal is to demonstrate proficiency in maintaining a firm grasp on a set of principles derived from factual research or sources.

To provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the idea, let’s examine the article together. It includes not only the themes for synthesis essays but also introduces you to the rubric for ap lang synthesis essays and many other valuable insights.

, & Tips A synthesis essay is a written work that brings together different perspectives or ideas on a subject and forms a new whole. The aim is to inform the reader about the topic and offer a unique viewpoint that combines all the information gathered. Synthesis essays typically involve analyzing texts, articles, or other sources while also providing personal interpretation and commentary. The approach to writing a synthesis essay involves gathering information and critically evaluating it to form a comprehensive and cohesive argument. Tips for writing a successful synthesis essay include outlining the structure, using reliable sources, and presenting a clear and concise thesis statement.

To begin with, let’s clarify the meaning of ‘synthesis’ before discussing ‘how to write a synthesis essay?’. Synthesis refers to the fusion of various elements or thoughts into a cohesive unit. In all likelihood, you have been assigned a task that requires you to analyze numerous texts and combine them. Composing a synthesis essay generally necessitates a central thesis, a concept on which the essay rests, to express the argument effectively. The ability to manipulate this concept is critical to achieving success in college.

Furthermore, keep in mind that the structure of a persuasive synthesis essay is identical to that of a typical persuasive essay. In contrast, an informative synthesis essay attempts to clarify a particular perspective by utilizing different sources. These synthesis essays do not always adopt a stance or attempt to sway the reader in any way, unlike a persuasive synthesis essay.

To begin the process of writing, it’s essential to first establish a list of potential topics. Once you have identified some possible ideas, you can then narrow down the options and establish a clear thesis statement. This will provide a focused direction for your writing and help ensure that your ideas are well-organized and effectively communicated to your audience.

Selecting a suitable subject matter is critical when it comes to producing a well-reasoned synthesis paper. When figuring out how to commence a synthesis essay, it is important to keep in mind that the topic should not be excessively ambiguous or overly specific comparable to research papers. A topic must allow enough opportunity for dialogue. If it is overly extensive, constructing a persuasive argument could prove to be difficult. If it is too precise, there would be insufficient space for exploration. Nevertheless, subject matters that generate conflict tend to be quite captivating since there is no right or wrong answer. Viable examples of excellent synthesis essay topics comprise, but are not restricted to:

  • War

The topic of war is delicate, however it can be impactful. The financial aspect of fighting could be seen as a benefit, however the fact that it puts innocent lives in danger may be seen as a disadvantage.

  • Globalization

Globalization is the attempt of businesses to gain a foothold in international markets and expand their reach globally. This can be viewed from the perspective of either a large international company or a smaller domestic one that is looking to compete in the global market. The economic effects on both a macro and micro level can also be analyzed.

  • Literature/Art

Every piece of art is open to various points of view. Multiple understandings can be used to analyze and differentiate, ultimately leading to a resolution.

  • Eugenics

In addition to having an interesting name, the idea is also intriguing. Although it has the potential to eliminate illnesses, disrupting the natural course of events is a legitimate opposing viewpoint.

  • Minimum Wage

The topic of minimum wage is a major concern for a number of governments. There are differing opinions on the matter, with conservatives advocating for its elimination and liberals pushing for a hike. Delving into this topic can yield valuable economic perspective on the issue.

How to Write a Thesis

The thesis statement holds significant importance as it serves as the foundation for your essay. It articulates a well-supported argument and highlights the central points. A synthesis essay thesis is crafted after extensive research of various sources and must assert a definite standpoint. A robust thesis statement can be demonstrated through an example such as this:

It is argued that eliminating the minimum wage is necessary in a pure capitalist system where the market determines the value of goods and services, and businesses must strive to attract and retain employees just as much as they do to earn a profit.

How to Write an Outline

Prior to immediately writing your grandiose and contentious perspective, it is vital to strategize. Ensure that you have a specific and organized outline in place, thus eliminating the need for extensive rewriting of your essay.

To maintain the structure of your synthesis essay, it is recommended that you use an outline. It is important to have a strong body paragraph that includes a topic sentence, supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence. Once you have developed your thesis statement and conducted sufficient research to support your argument, divide the outline into three sections that correspond to the three parts of the thesis statement. It is crucial that each part of the thesis statement reinforces the central claim of your essay, which should be emphasized throughout the writing. Proper analysis of sources is important rather than just summarizing them; thus, make sure you are familiar with your sources before starting your essay.

Synthesis Essay Outline Example

Our “write my essay” service provides writers with an example of a thorough synthesis essay outline.

Synthesis Essay Introduction Outline

  • Add relevant information concerning the specific area of research.
  • There is no requirement to provide a personal story but if you have one, it is encouraged.
  • The argument put forward is that the minimum wage ought to be eliminated due to certain reasons.
  • Rewrite: Point 1 (the roles of a capitalist economy and its market)
  • Point 2 (perfect competition)
  • The third point suggests that the revenue earned by a company is directly proportional to the performance of its employees.

Body Paragraphs

  • Point 1 expanded
  • The most effective way to make your writing credible is by using evidence to support your claims. It is important to cite credible sources or quotes in order to increase the reliability of your work. The more sources you include, the more convincing your written argument will be.
  • In-depth evidence analysis
  • Point 2 expanded
  • Evidence
  • Analysis
  • Point 3
  • Evidence
  • Analysis
  • Counterargument (if applicable)


  • Reword the primary ideas and their importance and combine them into a conclusive statement.

How to Start a Synthesis Essay

The professionals at our writing paper service have provided a guide to assist you in beginning your synthesis essay.

  • Determine the approach you wish to use for your argument and incorporate it into your thesis.
  • Get yourself acquainted with the references. Whether it’s a task given on-the-spot or a planned assignment, most of the examination is derived from the sources you refer to, while establishing arguments to support the thesis.
  • A plan for an organization takes into consideration the dependable utilization of resources. This implies that it is important to set up multiple sources of information for each point. Different people may have varying opinions on the same subject. Your assessment will determine which source has a more logical and trustworthy argument.
  • After assessing the information, merge it with your own understanding and determine how they are connected. The author should lead the discussion, without relying solely on the cited sources.
  • Make sure to keep a record of each source you use along the way as it will be necessary for your citation page in accordance with essay formatting guidelines.
  • It is preferable to organize the most crucial evidence at the end.
  • Incorporate an overall sequence in which a difficulty is identified and resolutions are proposed.

Instructions for Organizing a Synthesis Essay in MLA or APA Style

To receive a comprehensive guide on correct formatting, please click on the provided link. The subsequent are the key elements that you must be aware of in formatting your essay.


  • Font
  • Times New Roman, 12pt.
  • Spacing
  • Double spaced everywhere;
  • No extra spaces between paragraphs.
  • Margins
  • 1-inch margins on all sides.
  • Title/Header
  • Titles are centered;
  • In the upper left corner, you’ll find your complete name, the name of your teacher, the course code, and the date (day/month/year).
  • The top section should comprise the surname and the number of the page.
  • Works Cited
  • Peruse our instructions regarding the manner of citing your essay.
  • Tense
  • Use the present tense.


  • Font
  • Times New Roman, 12pt.
  • Spacing
  • Double spaced everywhere;
  • No extra spaces.
  • Margins
  • 1-inch margins.
  • Title / Header
  • Titles should be centered;
  • At the top left of the page, the header contains a brief version of the essay title that is less than 50 characters, while the page number is located on the top right.
  • References
  • This refers to a different format for citing sources that is not the same structure as MLA’s works cited.
  • Tense
  • Use past tense.

Read about APA Format.

AP Synthesis Essay

The AP English Language and Composition class commonly assigns this kind of task that demands great attention to detail. In an AP synthesis essay, students must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the topic by thoroughly analyzing and writing about it. The ability to manipulate language to one’s advantage is a vital skill both for college admission and beyond.

While composing an AP Lang synthesis essay, concentrate on the key components of the curriculum, which include argumentation, amalgamation, and rhetorical analysis.

This passage is derived from the guidelines for the course.

Make a statement and gather substantial evidence to back it up. Persuade the reader that your viewpoint is correct.

Rephrased paragraph: The process of synthesis has already been explained. It involves bringing together different viewpoints and determining both areas of agreement and disagreement among them. As various perspectives come into contact with each other, your own perspective starts to take shape.

The act of analyzing rhetoric primarily focuses on the writer and what they intend to convey. To use this approach, one should inquire about the author’s objective, desired readership, how the readership is being addressed, and the construction of the content.

Synthesis Essay Rubric

The rubric for the synthesis essay discussed earlier will be used for evaluating the minimum wage essay.


Getting a 9 is a challenging task because it satisfies all the requirements of an 8 and elevates the level of presentation skill or language proficiency used to persuade others.


In order to score an 8 in an essay, one needs to effectively present a stance on a claim relating to minimum wage and job market competitiveness, whether by defending, challenging or qualifying it. This is achieved by skillfully synthesizing and utilizing at least three appropriate sources that strengthen the argument. The writer succeeds in convincing readers due to effective implementation of supporting references. Moreover, the written piece shows the writer’s proficiency in employing various elements of effective writing.

Essays that receive a score of 7 are similar to those that received a score of 6, but they stand out because they contain more comprehensive or deliberate arguments and the citation sources are synthesized more effectively, or they display a more sophisticated writing style.


In English, this paragraph could be rephrased as: Essays that receive a score of 6 effectively argue whether minimum wage reduction affects the competitiveness of the job market by either supporting, opposing, or refining the claim. These essays combine and reference at least three sources appropriately, resulting in an engaging and valid argument. However, these essays may not be as well-developed as those earning higher scores. While writing is clear, it may lack sophistication in word choice and structure.

In English language, it is said that essays with a score of 5 present a viewpoint that either defends, challenges, or qualifies the assertion that minimum wage reduces job market competitiveness. To substantiate their viewpoint, they amalgamate and cite a minimum of three sources. Though, one drawback is that the sources cited are restricted, inconsistent, or not well-defined. The essayist’s argument is precise and supported by the sources, but the connection between the sources and the argument may not be strong. The writing may be lacking in terms of language choice or sentence structure, but it is still sufficient in conveying the author’s idea and viewpoint.


Essays that receive a score of 4 do not effectively argue a stance on whether or not minimum wage lowers job market competitiveness. Instead, they try to present their viewpoint by using at least two sources to support their argument, but sometimes end up misunderstanding or oversimplifying their position or the sources they cite. Additionally, the link between their argument and the sources they use is not strong enough.

Essays that receive a score of 3 fulfill the requirements for a score of 4. However, they demonstrate less comprehension of the sources mentioned, insufficient progress in elaborating their stance, or weaker writing proficiency.


Essays that receive a score of 2 have limited abilities to argue for, against, or qualify the assertion that the minimum wage decreases the competitiveness of the job market. They may use information from sources, but not correctly cite them. These essays show that the writer misinterprets the sources, does not present a strong argument, or oversimplifies the sources in their writing. Essays that score a 2 often have numerous deficiencies in writing, including insufficient development or organization, serious grammatical errors, or lack of command over language and style.

People who get a score of 1 fulfill the requirements for a score of 2, but their writing is either extremely simple or lacking in control, and they fail to use or reference any sources.

To achieve a top grade without exerting much effort, it is advisable to purchase an essay from a skilled essay writer; this will provide access to an exceptional synthesis essay template that is uniquely tailored to one’s needs.

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