How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay

Joshua James
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Dealing with a task that you have not experienced before can be daunting. Nevertheless, writing an excellent cause and effect essay may seem less challenging than anticipated. Once you have created a blueprint to adhere to, completing the essay promptly becomes feasible.

What is a Cause and Effect Essay?

The purpose of a cause and effect essay is to address an issue and propose a resolution to the event or phenomenon mentioned in the title. These essays include specific grammatical structures, often written using the subjunctive mood, manifested in the query, “What will occur if…”. Essentially, the essay aims to answer two questions: Why? (cause) or What is the outcome? (effect).

A guide to organizing your essay on cause and effect can be helpful. This will enable you to present your ideas in a logical and coherent manner. One way to structure your essay is to start with an introduction that sets the stage for the discussion of the causes and effects you will analyze. Then, you can move on to the body of the essay, where you will provide evidence and examples to support your thesis statement. Finally, wrap up your essay with a concluding paragraph that summarizes your main points and provides a closing thought.

In preparation for writing your paper, it is important to select one of the essay topics provided to you. By doing so, you will have a clear direction for your writing and be able to label your paragraphs accordingly. When crafting your essay, it is essential to include an introduction that provides background information on the topic and identifies the main issues that will be discussed. The purpose of the article, which should be the focal point of the argument, must also be stated in the introduction. The next step is to develop one or more body paragraphs that explore the topic in depth. These paragraphs should highlight the cause-and-effect relationship outlined in the essay and provide an explanation of how the cause impacts the effect. Finally, the conclusion should summarize the ideas presented in the essay and provide insight into the potential impact of the topic on the reader.

An individual who wishes to compose a cause and effect essay should be familiar with the steps involved in preparing an outline for the same.

An outline is a plan or description that shows the basic structure of an essay. Its purpose is to organize your thoughts and make sure your arguments flow logically. To ensure your essay is clear and understandable, it is important to give attention to creating an outline. The structure of the outline can vary based on the length and complexity of the subject being written about. The most popular and simplest outline structure is the five-paragraph essay, which should have at least ten different approaches to constructing an argument. An example of an easy essay outline is provided below.


  • Hook statement
  • The context provided (pertaining to the subsequent sections)
  • Thesis statement

Body Paragraphs (Causes and Effects)

  • Thesis
  • Argument
  • Evidence (as many as possible)


  • The importance of the primary argument (establishing/illustrating the thesis)
  • Provide closure

If you keep this concise essay outline in mind, you will be able to tackle any type of essay, as this structure is generally accepted in most academic writing. The only variable may be the number of paragraphs, which is dependent on the type of argument being presented. Regardless, you need to have a good understanding of the topic, conduct thorough research and seamlessly compile all of your findings into a coherent piece. Research is a component of brainstorming, as it gives you fluency in the topic you are discussing. Despite the essay’s free form, it includes certain structural characteristics that must be adhered to. The following requirements should be observed:

  • The thesis should contain all of the ideas.
  • Every single thesis needs to have its own set of supporting arguments.

Arguments refer to particular and widely recognized pieces of information, occurrences, happenings, objects, and scientifically verified data. Statements that are not based on specific facts, like “My grandmother told me about this,” cannot be regarded as valid arguments. References from books or films are considered appropriate.


In your cause and effect essay, it is important to focus on the topic at hand and discuss how it will be addressed. The introductory paragraph should end with a detailed thesis statement expressing the main point. The succeeding paragraph should provide background information, describing the issue, outlining its core aspects, societal impact, and potential solutions.

Body Paragraphs (Causes and Effects)

The most crucial component of writing a paragraph is its main part, which necessitates the most attention since its structure can differ. To illustrate, when adopting the thesis-argument structure, we begin by establishing our idea and then substantiating it. On the other hand, with the reverse structure (facts-conclusion), we explain the circumstances or present facts and then offer a conclusion. This methodology is employed for each subsequent paragraph.

If a paragraph contains a thesis and a few arguments, then it is more convincing when there are multiple examples that support the thesis. The thesis could be placed at the beginning or later in the paragraph, and it should be a concise statement that conveys the main idea. Arguments are used to prove the thesis, and these may be based on personal experience, scientific theories, news, or proven facts. It is best to have two arguments per thesis as this is the ideal balance. Having only one may not be enough to convince the reader, while three can make the text too dense. However, the number of arguments can vary depending on the topic and purpose of the essay. To maintain a coherent and effective essay, it is important to ensure consistency, clarity, and vivid imagery.


Generally, it is customary to provide a summary of all the points discussed in an essay as a concluding statement. It is the author’s responsibility to highlight the key issues addressed in the essay with the reader at the end. It’s crucial that the conclusion isn’t fictional or made up. It should only include details that the reader can infer after reading the entire essay.

Cause and Effect Essay Sample

The Best Cause and Effect Essay Topics

To create an outline, it is important to research the topic thoroughly. Once well-informed, appropriate literature relating to the topic should be sought. After completing your research, you should organize your theses and arguments into a plan. Before embarking on the actual writing process, it is crucial to select a topic. Our professional paper writing service has compiled a list of suitable themes for an excellent cause and effect essay.

  • The connection between the conflict in Ukraine and Russia.
  • There is a relationship between consuming alcohol and harm to the nervous system.
  • Impact of Uber on other taxi brands
  • Young people often choose to hitchhike and stay in hostels when traveling. There are several reasons why this is the case. Firstly, hitchhiking is a cheaper alternative to other forms of transportation. This is particularly appealing to young people who may have limited funds. Additionally, hitchhiking allows for a more spontaneous and adventurous travel experience. Hostels also offer a more affordable lodging option and provide the opportunity to meet other travelers. Many young people enjoy the social atmosphere of hostels and the chance to make new friends from around the world.
  • Living after divorce
  • The utilization of drugs and their impact on the human brain are motives behind individuals’ tendency towards them.
  • Growing up without a mother
  • People migration in Mexico: Why?
  • Consequences of having a cat or a dog
  • What is the reason for employers permitting pets in the workplace?
  • LGBT discrimination manifests and proliferates.
  • There are various factors that lead numerous women to engage in detrimental relationships.
  • The repercussions of having numerous acquaintances residing in different regions around the globe.
  • Tips for surviving in mountainous and forested areas.
  • The influence of fast technological advancements on the children of today.
  • Using innovative technologies and instructional videos during classroom instruction.
  • There are ways to create an ideal summer experience even without participating in festivals or traveling.
  • There are various methods to gain popularity through the use of a YouTube channel.
  • Aspiring to have a profession as a video game streamer
  • Eliminate your toxic friendships and observe the outcome.
  • Cloning humans: potential consequences
  • There are several reasons why Japan is ahead of the rest of the world in terms of technology.
  • Virtual reality and its consequences
  • Advantages and disadvantages of acquiring a degree in Computer Science
  • The impact of mobile phones on the daily routine of a typical student in the United States.
  • How my vacations impacted the dynamics within my family
  • Living without devices pros and cons
  • Advantages and disadvantages of cohabiting before marriage
  • Factors that led to my mental disorder
  • Impressions Canada left on me
  • There are several reasons why I choose to live my life as a travel blogger.
  • There are several reasons why I consider freedom to be the most important thing.
  • My experience living in a camping
  • My preferred musical group has a significant impact on my daily existence.
  • The impact of fashion trends on my appearance.
  • Natural Sciences, Animals, & Environment
  • An essay discussing the reasons for the rise in water pollution affecting marine organisms.
  • Factors that affect developing countries
  • There are a number of factors that justify the initiation of regular financial deposits.
  • There are various reasons that have resulted in the rise of air pollution levels in urban areas.
  • Forest fires are widespread because of the apparent reasons given below.
  • There are many reasons why it is important to renew historical buildings. Firstly, they represent our cultural heritage and provide a link to our past. They are a tangible representation of the lives, values and achievements of previous generations, and as such they help us to understand and appreciate our own history. In addition, historical buildings can be important tourist attractions, drawing visitors from around the world and contributing to the local economy. Finally, restoring and maintaining old buildings can create jobs and stimulate economic growth, while also preserving and revitalizing urban areas.
  • The reasons for rare species extinction
  • The results of wildfire
  • Alcoholism cause and effect essay
  • Cause and effect essay on cheating
  • An essay exploring the relationship between actions of entering a country illegally and their consequences.
  • Global warming essay causes and effects
  • Ways to assist individuals with contrasting views to communicate effectively.
  • There are certain things that cause elder women to have affection towards younger men.

Cause and Effect Essay Examples

A cause and effect essay is more than just a written piece, and it is not intended for an unprepared audience. This means that phrases like “I’m going to discuss…” and “Today’s topic is…” are not needed. Adding unnecessary introductory phrases should be avoided. There are no definite guidelines on how to start writing this sort of essay. Unlike a Wikipedia article that follows a template, the writer has the freedom to create an introduction but make sure it attracts a reader’s interest and highlights the issue that the essay is about.

It can be challenging to comprehend the process of crafting a cause and effect essay without witnessing some effective examples. Therefore, we will examine a few brief, high-quality examples of such works from our reliable essay writing service to gain a better understanding. Note that the outcome or result of the cause and effect relationship may not always be negative or positive.

  • The initial statement of the essay highlights a situation where an individual is about to run out of fuel. This serves as the starting point or the premise of the essay, leading up to the main point. The subsequent part of the essay describes the effect of running out of gas, such as the car failing to start, causing the person to be delayed for an important meeting, and potentially missing out on a significant job offer.
  • This instance illustrates how Nancy’s desire to pursue business studies at college, driven by the prospect of high salaries, resulted in three distinct outcomes: her father working as a financial analyst, her proficiency in mathematics, and ultimately her decision to focus on Finance & Accounting as her major.
  • Consider the consequences of reduced working hours. For instance, this could lead to a decrease in the average pay rate, an irritable employer, additional time for intensive training, and more opportunities to spend quality moments with loved ones and friends.

To Sum Up

After selecting a topic, it is important to consider how to commence. It may be beneficial to begin with the body of the essay. Professionals from the “Buy an Essay” service suggest prioritizing the introduction and conclusion after ensuring the essay’s foundation is straightforward and coherent for the audience.

The conclusion of an essay should provide a summary of the main points discussed in the body of the essay. It should be connected to the topics introduced in the introduction and be concise, drawing from the arguments presented in the main part. It is important that the conclusion does not just reiterate the same information found in the body. As an essay is more creative than other school assignments, it is best to avoid clichéd phrases like “I have come to the following conclusions” or “Based on the foregoing, we can draw the following conclusions”. It is recommended to use a detailed outline as a guide while writing the essay.

If you have an understanding of essay writing, it will assist you in avoiding typical errors and producing writing that is engaging and compelling. While there are numerous writing samples available on the internet, it is important to bear in mind that not all of these works are of high quality. Therefore, it is essential to scrutinize a writer’s work, particularly when the author is unknown.

If writing an essay seems too challenging and you lack the time or motivation, you can order an essay online from our website. You can place your order through our essay writing service and receive your custom essay within just a few hours.

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